Housewarming Gifts for Couples with Cosmic Cookware

26 Thoughtful & Useful Housewarming Gifts for Couples

Show Your Thoughtfulness With These Useful Housewarming Gifts For Couples That Will Get Them Cosy In Their New Home

It’s the start of an exciting new chapter together when a couple moves into a new home! And what’s a better way to celebrate their momentous occasion than with a thoughtful housewarming gift that truly resonates with their new stage of life?

Let’s face it, gift shopping is easy. But thoughtful gift shopping for things the lucky couple will actually find useful is a proper challenge.

A few of the biggest challenges are figuring out the couple’s personal tastes, preferences, and interests, staying within your budget, staying away from generic gifts, and even something as overlooked as second guessing your choice.

But no matter, I’ve got you covered with a list of evergreen gifts that couples will most certainly find useful in their daily lives. These gifts combine practicality and style, with some of them showcasing personal touch as a bonus if you’d like to go the extra mile for this special occasion.

So all you have to do is pick the gift that aligns closely with what you know about the couple and go for it!

26 of the Best Thoughtful and Useful Housewarming Gifts for Couples

Housewarming Gifts that Raise a Toast to their New Home

Wine glasses are one of the best housewarming gifts for couples to celebrate their new milestone. Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva.

1. A Set of Wine Glasses

Toast to the couple’s new happy beginnings with a set of new wine glasses. This is a classic gift that will never go to waste especially when the couple enjoys having guests over. So you can be sure that it’ll be an ideal housewarming gesture to the lucky couple.

Make it one of the most thoughtful housewarming gifts by pairing wine glasses with bottles of their favourite wine. Photo by Cup of Couple.

2. Wine Bottle of their Favourite Wine

Wine is a long-time traditional housewarming gift and gifting wine bottles to new homeowners is a said to be a gesture of celebration and good wishes. So bring a bottle (or two) of their favourite wine over during their housewarming party, or pair it with a set of new wine glasses to take the gift a step further and celebrate their new milestone!

3. Wine Rack

Don’t overlook the wine rack or think “it’s too much!”. For wine lovers, a wine rack is not simply another storage piece to add to their home but the ideal gift for their interest. The right ones are a display of their passion, which helps to keep their collection organised with a touch of sophistication. 

Bonus: Pair it with a bottle of wine to complete the look.

A set of bar glasses is a good housewarming gift for couples who love to entertain. Photo by Min An.

4. A Set of Bar Glasses

Stylish bar glasses are underrated bits that elevate their home, even better if they have a home bar! Whether they enjoy shaking or stirring up some cocktails, or a simple whiskey on the rocks, bar glasses allow them to entertain or enjoy a quiet drink in style.

Wooden round coasters. Photo by Yan Krukau.

5. Set of Coasters

The happy couple would have likely gotten a new table and they are sure to entertain guests in their new home. Let’s help them keep their table pristine for longer by keeping watermarks from their bar glasses away with a new set of coasters!

The fact that coasters come in various styles and designs also makes it a fun activity for you to look for a set that complements their new home decor or the bar glasses they already have.

Perfect Housewarming Gift Ideas for Everyday Use

Cosmic Cookware's Blue Pea Ceramic Cookware.

6. A New Set of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is one of the most practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing housewarming gifts for couples - what’s not to love? It’s also the perfect type of cookware for cooking skills of all levels because of how versatile it is. 

The toxic-free non-stick surface of ceramic cookware like those from Cosmic Cookware makes it an absolute dream for the new couple to break into new meal routines at home seamlessly, so you can be sure this is one of the most useful housewarming gifts for couples that will be appreciated!

7. Cookware Gift Card

Like the idea of getting them a new set of ceramic cookware, but one partner loves pink and the other loves green? That’s surely a tough choice to decide on what’s a good coloured item you could get for their kitchen. 

Instead, you can give them the gift of choice by gifting them a Cosmic Cookware Gift Card that allows them to pick a new set of ceramic cookware in a colour they can both agree on!

Matching dinnerware and cookware from Cosmic Cookware.

8. Dinnerware Set

Every home needs dinnerware, whether for daily use or to entertain guests over their housewarming party and more. This makes it one of the best gifts for couples to start fresh with new matching plates and dishes that add an element of sophistication to their dining experiences. 

Allowing them the ability to recreate a romantic date night experience with the appropriate dinnerware does sound beautiful, no?

Matching coffee cups. Photo by Anna Nekrashevich.

9. Matching Mugs or Coffee Cups

Instead of bar glasses, why not coffee cups? Depending on whether they are coffee or tea drinkers, you’ll never go wrong with a set of matching mugs. These are a daily necessity and having matching cups add a touch of unity to their otherwise predictable morning routine.

Montigo Ace Bottle, an insulated water bottle.

10. Matching Insulated Water Bottles

Matching insulated water bottles will allow them to conveniently have their favourite beverages at the perfect temperature anytime. Gifting them a pair of insulated water bottles will ensure that both of them can enjoy their own favourite beverage, whether it’s iced coffee for the coffee-drinker or warm water for the one who keeps it simple.

Beautiful Housewarming Gifts for Memories & Moments

Stylish photo frames in a living room. Photo by Minh Pham.

11. Stylish Photo Frame

Simple and underrated, gifting a photo frame or a photo frame collage allows them to preserve their cherished memories while complementing their home decor. Make it a thoughtful and personalized gift by slotting in a photo of the lucky couple or the lucky couple and their new home. If they have a furkid - capture a photo of them together with the lucky couple!

12. Gift Basket of their Favourite Delights

This is a great housewarming gift idea that never grows old. First things first, you’ll want to get a beautiful basket or gift box, then fill it with the couple’s favourite treats and drinks. You can even throw in some gift vouchers for a spa day or an event they’ve been eyeing.

The only downside is that these can get pretty expensive if you decide to shop gourmet delights and drinks. So just keep the gift basket simple to a list of what they like, set a budget to stay within and you’ll be fine!

13. Custom Painted Portrait

Immortalise the bond between the couple (and their furbaby if they have one!) with a beautiful painted portrait of them. It’s one of, if not the most unique housewarming gift you could get for the lucky couple as it’ll be a one-of-a-kind piece that bears priceless sentimental value.

14. Personalised Cutting Board

A personalized wooden cutting board can either be a beautiful piece of artwork in their home, or a functional addition to their kitchen. This personalized housewarming gift adds a nice, personal touch to their meal preparation tasks and serves as a beautiful keepsake that will rekindle memories of their move as they continue onward their new journey together.

Personalised doormat. Photo by Derick McKinney.

15. Personalised Doormat

Create a warm welcome right at the couple’s new home with a personalized doormat that showcases their favourite design or a meaningful message. 

Just because we mentioned something meaningful, doesn’t mean it has to be sophisticated or proper. Base it on how the couple are - if they enjoy pranks and puns, go with the appropriate message. But if they are typically sophisticated and proper, then you’ll want to keep it that way.

Housewarming Gifts that Enhance their Home’s Comfort

Coffee table books. Photo by Charlotte May.

16. Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books add a sophisticated touch to living areas while inspiring conversation or serving as a piece for guests to pass time. These typically look like large hardcover books that could be informative like cookbooks and home decor guides, or simply aesthetically pleasing ones like fashion-themed coffee table books.

Scented candles. Photo by Pegah Sharifi.

17. Home Candle of their Favourite Scent

Gaining in popularity over recent years, scented home candles release a delightful scent that calms senses while adding a warm glow to homes. This makes it perfect to help the recipients unwind after a long day out, be it for work or errands.

Pick their favourite scent or scents so the couple can create a cosy atmosphere or a playful one when they are unwinding together at the end of the day.

18. Wall Art

Choose artwork that resonates with the couple’s temperament and likes. If you remember them regularly reminiscing a fond memory of their time abroad, pick a piece of wall art that showcases an iconic view of the location they were in.

It could even be something as simple as a framed image of a quote or poetry they love.

Examples of home ornaments. Photo by Andrew Barrowman.

19. A Quirky or Classic Home Ornament

Get the couple an ornament that reminds them of a fond memory you all enjoyed together. It could be a memory they share between themselves, or even a memory you all share together. 

Memorable home ornaments range from glass or metal sculptures, timber decor, a faux fur rug that reminds them of their trip to the snowy mountains or even something as simple as a pinboard!

20. Tech Cord Organiser or Wire Organiser

You’re probably wondering how a tech cord organiser will keep a home warm. Well a warm home starts with an uncluttered home - that’s how! Almost every home in the digital age will have a jungle of wires to be tamed.

That’s where a tech cord organiser will come in handy to keep the couple’s new oasis clutter-free.

Key organiser. Photo by PrathSnap.

21. Key Organiser

Think of how often you go “where are my keys” and consider how often the recipient will probably face the same situation! So a key organiser will keep the couple’s keys organised while keeping potential arguments at bay.

Flower subscription for a beautiful touch at home. Photo by Chris Curry.

22. Subscription for Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers undeniably brighten up homes with their beauty and hint of fragrance. The only sad part of gifting fresh flowers is that they eventually wither away. 

But you can prevent that by getting them a subscription for fresh flowers to be sent to their home regularly. Regular flower deliveries are an affordable way to keep their home constantly feeling fresh and warm, while showing the couple that you’re thinking of them.

Beautiful planter boxes. Photo by Andre Guerra.

23. Customized Planter Box or a Non-Customized One

Who doesn’t love nature? Add a touch of nature to their new home with a planter box that you can either customise or leave as it is. Whether customised or not, a planter box is so versatile that it can also be used as a quirky storage piece in their home or to actually grow their favourite plants and succulents to add colour and life to their living space.

Housewarming Gift Ideas for the Couple’s Own Comfort and Relaxation

New plush bath towels. Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV.

24. New Set of Bath Towels

New place, new towels! New bath towels are a necessity and a little form of luxury they will appreciate. Think wrapping yourself in brand new fluffy towels after a refreshing shower. If you enjoy it - they surely will too!

Artisanal soaps for couples. Photo by Meruyert Gonullu.

25. Natural Fragrant Hand Soap

Hand soaps are a daily necessity, so getting them a bottle of hand soap or a set of hand soaps in their favourite scent will add a comforting touch of luxury to their daily routine. Plus point - entertainers will love it as they can allow their guests the same comfort during their visits!

26. Fleece Throw Blanket

Chilly seasons are a sure thing, so make warmth and comfort a sure thing for the couple. A fleece throw is a great housewarming gift that not only keeps them warm and comfortable during cold and wet days, but also adds an element of cosiness to their home.

It’s quite simply the perfect housewarming gift for couples to snuggle up together on the couch after a long day, or even a hectic move into the new home!

What Do You Get for a Couple as a Housewarming Gift?

When you get housewarming gifts for couples you’re not just getting gifts for one, but two. So you’ll have to think of something that is well-suited to both of them without prioritising one over the other.

That’s why you’ll notice that the list of gifts above looks into the couple’s possible shared hobbies, interests, and lifestyle to keep it neutral between the two, while ensuring it’s a gift they can both enjoy and appreciate.

Some of the best housewarming gifts for couples include personalised gifts like a custom portrait of them and their furkid if they have one, a cookware gift card if you can’t be certain of their exact cookware needs, matching insulated tumblers they can use to have their favourite beverages at the perfect temperature anytime, and a flower subscription so they can enjoy a fresh pop of vibrant colours and fragrance in their new home.

What is a Practical Housewarming Gift?

Practical housewarming gifts are functional ones that will help the new homeowner couple settle into their new space comfortably. It’s typically gift items that they may need or find useful in their daily lives as they get adjusted to the new space and new way of life.

Some of these include new dinnerware, cookware, wine glasses, wire organisers, gift baskets of food and drink, and even bath towels!

What to Gift Someone When You Go to Their House?

When going to a person’s house, food and drink is one of the best gifts you could bring that won’t go wrong. That said, take the recipient’s dietary restrictions, the occasion, your relationship with the host, and their overall preferences into consideration.

A couple of safe ideas include gift baskets with their favourite wine and choice of snacks and fruits, or tea and coffee if they don’t partake in alcohol. If you know that other guests are bringing over ample food, you could even look into bringing fresh flowers so they can have it as a centrepiece on their dining table or perhaps even a personalised cutting board which they can use as a serving board for a crowd-pleasing cheese platter.

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