9 Italian Housewarming Gifts Your Italian Friend Will Adore

9 Italian Housewarming Gifts Your Italian Friend Will Adore

Have an Italian Friend Who Just Purchased a New Home? Here’s Your Chance to Congratulate Them With These Thoughtful and Functional Italian Housewarming Gifts!

Did you know that Italy was ranked one of the top 10 friendliest countries in the world?

Part of it lies in the traditions and customs of Italian culture, where the concept of “la famiglia” (the family) is said to be central to Italian life. That’s why Italians often treat friends and even acquaintances just like family.

They also have a strong tradition of gathering with both family and friends to share meals over lively conversations. It’s one of their ways to bond and show affection.

So it’s no surprise that there will most certainly be a celebration whenever someone in the Italian community purchases a new home.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with an Italian new homeowner who has just moved into their new home, here are some of the best traditional Italian housewarming gifts you could get. Because a thoughtful and meaningful gift that takes their culture’s tradition into account goes a long way!

9 Thoughtful, Traditional, and Functional Italian Housewarming Gifts to Celebrate Their New Milestone

Wine for an Italian housewarming gift. Photo by Albert Vincent Wu.

1. Wine

Wine has always been an integral element in Italian culture. You’ll almost never see a celebration without wine in an Italian home. That’s because it’s a symbol of celebration, joy, and abundance. Gifting a bottle of wine sends a message to the lucky recipient that you’re wishing them happiness and prosperity in the new home.

2. Wine Accessories

More of a complement than a gift on its own, wine accessories include corkscrews, wine stoppers, wine charms, and even wine glasses. Gifting wine accessories with a beautiful bottle of red or white (then again, why not both?) demonstrates attention to detail and a desire for the new homeowners to fully enjoy their wine in comfort.

Fresh bread for Italian housewarming gift. Photo by Taha Samet Arslan.

3. Bread or a Basket of Bread

Common housewarming gifts include a gift basket with a nicely wrapped artisanal loaf among other produce. But for Italians, gifting bread on its own or a basket of bread expresses the hope that the new homeowners will never go hungry and will always have enough to eat. It is after all, a symbol of sustenance and prosperity in Italian culture.

Olive oil and new cookware with Cosmic Cookware's Cosmo Fry.

4. New Cookware

The heart of the home in Italian culture is high quality cookware in the kitchen. Gifting new cookware signifies the start of a fresh start in the new home and opens the door for more delicious meals to come for both the new homeowners and their lucky guests.

Olive oil in a beautiful bottle. Photo by Roberta Sorge.

5. Olive Oil

Now here’s one occasion where gifting a bottle of olive oil is practical! Olive oil is a staple in Italian cuisine and gifting it symbolises wishes of good health and well-being.

Rice gift. Photo by Darío Méndez.

6. Rice

Rice traditionally symbolises fertility, good fortune, and abundance. So if the housewarming is hosted by a couple, gifting rice represents the hope for a bountiful and prosperous life in their new home with many children to come.

Candle gifts for the home. Photo by Anastasia Anastasia.

7. Candles

You can either go traditional with a classic set of house candles, or do a modern take with scented candles. This is one evergreen traditional gift that symbolises light, warmth, and hope. All of which the humble lit candle can fulfill by creating a bright and cosy atmosphere in their new home.

Did you know that it also serves as a reminder on how the new homeowners can count on their loved ones? It’s truly a simple yet meaningful housewarming gift!

8. Broom

Brooms symbolise sweeping away the old and welcoming in the new. It’s one of the most simple traditional Italian gifts that represents a fresh start.

Salt and olive oil. Photo by Andrijana Bozic.

9. Salt

One of the most uncommon gifts in general, but nevertheless a traditional housewarming gift in Italian culture. Salt is a symbol of friendship while keeping bitterness at bay. That’s why gifting salt represents the desire for a harmonious and flavoursome new life in a new home.

I’d recommend gifting salt in a beautifully designed salt pig or a modern salt grinder. Not only will the lucky new homeowners have a meaningful gift, it will also be a practical one that they can use daily in their kitchen!

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