Practical Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners Appreciate

27 Practical Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners Appreciate

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Skip Fancy Gimmicks. These Thoughtful and Practical Housewarming Gifts are What New Homeowners Will Appreciate

Moving into a new house is an exciting and huge milestone that calls for a celebration! Whether it’s a first home, a downsize, or an upgrade to a bigger home, getting the new homeowner a thoughtful gift is always welcomed even if there isn’t a housewarming party yet.

While it’s exciting, the moving process certainly does come with a load of stress and anxiety for the new homeowners.

So skip the bottle of wine, champagne, or food basket. Skip fancy gimmicky gifts that look great on the outside but have little to no practicality in the long run. And definitely skip the garden gnome if they’ve moved into an apartment.

Instead, think of thoughtful and practical housewarming gifts that go a long way over the one-and-done champagne. Not only will it help your family, friends, or loved ones get settled comfortably into their fresh start while reducing their stress, it will also show that you were truly thinking of them and their needs - which certainly warms the heart!

27 Thoughtful and Practical Housewarming Gifts that New Homeowners Will Appreciate and Actually Use

To keep it simple and keep the stress of gift shopping to a minimum, we’ve gone ahead to categorise these practical housewarming gifts by their general nature. Now you can easily decide what’s the most suitable gift for your loved ones' new house!

Housewarming Gift Ideas for their Kitchen

1. French Press

We all know that moving is incredibly taxing both physically and mentally. So having a dedicated coffee maker like a French press will definitely help them start their days right and entertain with ease. Not to mention the caffeine will also make the physical aspects of moving more bearable for them!

One of the best housewarming gifts is a new set of cookware.

2. A Set of Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

Juggling between moving, keeping up with day-to-day tasks, and maintaining a healthy diet is no easy feat. Especially when the clean-up after cooking requires extra effort.

That’s where ceramic non-stick cookware comes in handy! They make cooking and cleaning an absolute breeze so the new homeowners can prepare healthy and delicious meals without hassle. Not forgetting that non-toxic and non-stick ceramic cookware like Cosmic Cookware’s looks absolutely stunning which adds a warm and inviting ambiance to their home as well!

3. Toaster Oven

Between a classic toaster and a toaster oven, the latter offers much better versatility and is compact to boot. You can toast, bake, broil, and even reheat frozen pizzas, making it a perfect gift for new homes with a small kitchen.

4. Multicooker or Slow Cooker

Remember, the rule of thumb is to simplify life for the new homeowners. A multicooker or slow cooker will help them save money and effort while allowing them to look forward to a hearty and affordable home-cooked meal at the end of a long day. Get a multicooker if you have a larger budget to work with and a slow cooker for a more affordable option.

New kitchen knives make a great gift only in certain situations. Photo by Kevin Doran.

5. Quality Kitchen Knife Set

Sharp and durable kitchen knives make food prep safer and more efficient. Knife sets can be pricey, but what you can do is to look for a high quality basic knife set with these essentials; chef’s knife, paring knife, and serrated knife. These are more than enough to make cooking easier and more enjoyable for the new homeowners.

Just keep in mind that some ethnic cultures do have an unfavourable view on gifting and receiving knives, so it’s best to double check first!

Aesthetically pleasing kitchen utensils are a kitchen necessity, just like these silicone utensils from Cosmic Cookware!

6. Kitchen Utensils

The right set of kitchen utensils will go a long way in making cooking an enjoyable task. So a good set of utensils will ensure they have the right tools to cook and entertain.

I’d recommend heat-safe silicone kitchen utensils as they are durable while being gentle enough to prolong the lifespan of cookware.

Pro Tip: Get a well designed set so it can be used to cook AND serve food, just like these stunning Cosmo Utensils made from heat-safe silicone and natural beechwood.

7. Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cups

Mixing bowls and measuring cups are an easy miss for most households. Getting the new homeowners a set allows them to seamlessly get into baking and cooking more elaborate dishes once they get settled.

8. Cutting Board

Pick from a classic personalized cutting board to multi-coloured cutting boards in various sizes to help them keep cross-contamination at bay and provide a safe surface for meal preparations.

Oven mitts like the Cosmo Square Mitts make perfect eco-friendly home gifts.

9. Kitchen Linens

Kitchen linens like tea towels, dish towels, aprons and oven mitts are kitchen accessories that are often overlooked, but highly useful for daily food preparation, cooking, and cleaning tasks in the kitchen. These colorful cloths sometimes come in matching sets which will allow you to put together a cute little gift set for the new homeowners.

10. Cookbook

Get them a cookbook or two which are tailored to their culinary interests or dietary preferences. It can serve as inspiration for new meals or as a source of reading comfort while winding down for the day. This is especially useful if they are avid entertainers who enjoy hosting guests for dinner!

Stick Blender. Photo by Ron Lach.

11. Cutting Edge-Kitchen Gadgets

Depending on your budget, you could get them a stick blender, a stand mixer, an electric kettle, a mini waffle maker or an air fryer. Kitchen gadgets like these are thoughtful gifts that make food preparation tasks much easier and enjoyable for the new homeowners.

Still can’t decide on one? Then you won’t go wrong with an air fryer. ;)

The Best Housewarming Gift for Avid Entertainers

New dinnerware for the new digs. Featuring the Cosmo Saucepan.

12. New Set of Matching Dinnerware

A brand new set of dinner plates, side plates, and bowls will allow them to easily get settled into their new home and seamlessly get into their entertaining groove. 

Choose an evergreen set like an classic all white dinnerware set which matches almost all table settings, or an ornate one with motifs for more adventurous homeowners. If you have a wider budget to play with, you could also consider looking into fine bone china or fine china dinner sets.

13. Wine Opener and Wine Glassware

Don’t just get glassware and skip the means to open up a good bottle of wine! Glassware may sometimes be the last thing a new homeowner will get because of its fragile nature, which adds stress into the move. So getting them a set of wine glasses will certainly allow them to quickly get into entertaining or enjoy quiet evenings at home with their favourite bottle of wine.

A cheeseboard is a fun dish to serve friends and maybe even the new neighbor at their first housewarming party! Photo by Georgie Devlin.

14. Serving Board and Cheese Knife Set

A serving board or cheese board and the accompanying cheese knives will allow the avid entertainer homeowner to serve a scrumptious cheese platter or charcuterie board with their favorite wine at their housewarming party.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Comfort in Their New Home

15. Cosy Throw Blanket

A new soft throw blanket will add a touch of comfort to their living space while allowing them to cosy in for a quiet night. Bonus if it’s a stylish one to add a warm and comforting ambiance to their living room!

16. Aromatherapy Diffuser and a Set of Essential Oils

Moving homes naturally come with a large dose of stress and anxiety. An aromatherapy diffuser with the right essential oils will help in easing the new homeowner’s stress away.

I’d recommend getting lavender, bergamot, clary sage, or all three for a complete stress-be-gone care package!

Succulents to fill the first home of your friend with a green thumb. Photo by Pixabay.

17. Indoor Plants or Succulents

Between indoor plants and succulents, the latter is a better pick because of its typically low maintenance nature while still enhancing the ambiance of their new house. This is especially handy when you consider the turbulent nature of moving into a new home. Bonus if they have a green thumb!

18. A Stylish Welcome Mat

A stylish welcome mat is a simple yet warm gift that adds an inviting gesture to their new home’s door with style.

Robot Vacuum. Photo by Ron Lach.

19. Smart Home Device

Consider a portable bluetooth speaker, easy-install smart light bulbs they can control remotely from their smartphone, or a robot vacuum to enhance their home's functionality and the new homeowner’s overall comfort.

The best one would be a robot vacuum as this mighty machine can take over the hassle of cleaning the floor for the new homeowners. That said, it will come at a significantly higher cost compared to the other gift ideas here.

Equal parts stylish and functional, an example of a perfect housewarming gift.

20. Thermal Drinkware

Thermal water bottles are simple yet underrated gifts that let the new homeowners enjoy their favourite hot drink during wet, chilly days, and their favourite cold drinks on hot summer days. Montigo’s beautifully designed thermoregulated water bottles will add a touch of style to their home while allowing them the convenience to reach for their favourite drink at their preferred temperature anytime.

Best Gifts for Home Organisation

21. Dish Rack and Drying Mat

Rather than placing wet dishes on the countertop to dry or leaving them for hours in the dishwasher, a brand new stylish dish rack and drying mat will keep the kitchen tidy and dishes organised.

Food storage containers are always useful for the whole family. Photo by Rebootanika.

22. Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers come in various designs and make these days. Pick a set of high-quality containers that can be used to store leftover meals and condiments like olive oil while keeping the pantry organised. Which is why you definitely won’t go wrong with reusable glass food storage containers and microwave safe containers.

23. Spice Organiser

A good spice organiser will make cooking more enjoyable and efficient for the new homeowners, while also adding a deliciously aesthetic touch.

24. Laundry Hamper

After the hectic spree of moving in, the last thing a new homeowner wants to deal with is a messy pile of laundry. Here’s where a laundry hamper or two will come in handy to keep their fresh and dirty laundry organised until they have the capacity to attend to it!

Thoughtful Housewarming Present for Home Maintenance and Home Safety

25. Cleaning Supplies

Though it may sound odd to gift cleaning supplies, it sure does take one essential task out of the busy homeowner’s hands! Great options include convenient modern takes on cleaning essentials like a self-cleaning mop or a squeegee with an attached soap dispenser.

Fun fact: Did you know that brooms are said to be a traditional housewarming gift which symbolises sweeping out the old and embracing the new?

26. Tool Kit

If they don’t already have one, a tool kit will come in handy for minor home improvements and repairs, which are almost always present with new homes! Get a set that includes the basic essentials such as a hammer, a set of screwdrivers in various sizes, and pliers.

27. First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is a must have for every home. There’s always a chance for minor injuries to happen so a first aid kit can be a lifesaver in such emergencies.

What emergencies? Think knife injuries in the kitchen while preparing food or light burns while handling a finicky heater. These things happen!

So What is a Thoughtful New Home Present?

Ultimately a thoughtful new home present is a gift that shows the new homeowners care, consideration, and a deep understanding of what they need as they move into a new space.

Don’t be shy to ask if you’re not too sure of what they need exactly - sometimes they’ll have a list of things they need to get that you could contribute to as your little gift to them!

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