Top 21 Thoughtful & Practical Gifts For Mother's Day In 2024

Top 21 Thoughtful & Practical Gifts For Mother's Day In 2024

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Get Ready To Spoil Mum Even More With These Thoughtful & Practical Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mums are amazing. Seeing them do it all, raising their little ones, nurturing them, being a loving partner to their other half, while holding down the fort at home AND building it even further for the family to return to at the end of the day.

Which is why most struggle to even begin when it comes to intentional shopping for mum or your mother figure specifically for the second Sunday of May, a.k.a. Mother's Day. Because not only can our mums and mother figures do it all, sometimes it seems like they have it all! 

But gift shopping for mum doesn’t have to be challenging this Mother’s day, neither does it have to be boring with the usual flowers and dinner-dos (let's save those for regular days because mum deserves to be pampered then too!). Gift giving from the heart really comes right down to observing and listening to what mum says.

Some keep mum (don’t mind me!) on what they’d love as a gift because they don’t want to impose, some are more vocal about it, and some simply don’t need anything at all. And for the last one, sometimes mums just haven’t really given it much thought and that’s okay!

Which is why we’ve created a curated collection of great gifts for mum you can select from to spoil the special woman in your life on this special day. We’ve also categorised so you can easily find the perfect gift for mum depending on what she needs, be it relaxation, something for her dinner parties, an opportunity for a carefree day, or to make her day-to-day that much better.

Top 21 Thoughtful & Practical Gifts For Mother’s Day That Mum Will Absolutely Love

Mother’s Day Gifts To Help Mum Unwind & Relax

Skincare Set. Photo by Harper Sunday.

1. New Set Of Skincare

Mum is often the most beautiful person in our lives, with beauty both inside and out. Since physical beauty naturally declines as we age and face life’s daily stressors, why not get mum a set of skincare that is tailored to her skin type or concerns she may have?

Not only does it show consideration for her personal care and wellbeing, it also encourages pampering and rejuvenating routines that mum can look forward to every day!

Bonus Tip: For best savings, gift sets that include mum's usual range of skincare and some extras that allow you to pamper mum further.

Scented Candle and Bath Salts. Photo by Kate Branch.


2. Scented Candles

Scented candles with mum’s favourite scent will transform mum’s personal space into a soothing one. It’s such a simple yet thoughtful gift that can be used over and over until the wax runs out. Get one (or two) for mum and she can always look forward to creating a tranquil and cosy environment at home for herself to unwind, especially after a long day of hard work.

If you’re not too sure of the scents that mum loves and you want the gift to be a surprise, you can always explore these universally relaxing scents; lavender, jasmine, bergamot orange, vanilla, rose, ocean scents, and chamomile. Bonus points if you add in bath salts that she can enjoy together with the scented candle over a luxurious bath!

Flower tea. Photo by Yun Niang.

3. An Assortment Of Teas

One of the best Mother's day gift ideas and most consistent regulars when it comes to gifts that unwind is perhaps the humble tea. Especially when it’s an assortment of teas that are tailored for individuals to relax and rejuvenate. Depending on the flavour, it can also serve as a comforting, low-calorie beverage for mum that also has numerous health benefits!

Get mum a set of assorted tea (and maybe add in a beautiful tea set if she doesn’t have one!) to introduce her to new tea varieties while encouraging relaxation and wellness in her life. A simple ritual you can help her to build into her nightly routine could involve brewing a hot cup of tea after she applies her skincare, so she can slowly settle in for the night in a truly calm and relaxed state after a busy day.

Bonus Tip: Get mum a set of flower tea that blooms once infused in hot water for a stunning sight!

Artisan chocolates in a box. Photo by Olenka Pasichnyk.

4. Chocolates

Chocolates are truly a classic gift that symbolises care and indulgence, making it a sweet gesture that delights and spoils mum. It’s a delicious treat mum can enjoy anytime, especially during her moments of relaxation.

One of the best things about chocolates are how they function as natural mood-enhancers that naturally brighten up mum’s day while also being delicious to boot! That said, do remember that this mostly applies to dark chocolate and milk chocolate with higher cocoa content above 60%.

Bonus Tip: Get beautiful handmade artisanal chocolates from your local farmer’s market for a thoughtful gift that mum enjoys while supporting the local small business community! These also typically contain little to no preservatives, which makes it one of the best special treats.

Comfortable Loungewear. Photo by Thirdman.

5. Comfortable Loungewear

Some mums still wear their favourite set of tattered loungewear from decades ago. If I’ve just described your mum, then consider getting her a set of comfortable loungewear to really tell her that you want to prioritise her comfort at home. Look out for high-quality, soft fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk. These feel soft to the touch and are absolutely lovely on the skin.

Comfortable loungewear is especially lovely for mums who find themselves busy around the clock with little to no time to spare for the occasional pockets of relaxation, and the new mum who is found taking care of her newborn little one around the clock.

New Bed Sheets. Photo by Nathan Waters.

6. New Bed Sheets

Great days begin with great sleep, which is why the right bed sheets are one of the best gifts you could get for mum when it comes to her well-being and relaxation. High-quality and comfortable bed sheets will greatly enhance mum’s comfort and the aesthetics of her sleeping environment, transforming it into an inviting and luxurious space that she’ll look forward to each night.

Look into high-quality cotton Egyptian cotton bed sheets if you’re looking for soft and comfortable ones that last, cooling Tencel sheets (made from lyocell) if mum is a hot sleeper, or soft flannel bed sheets for mum to comfortably sleep during cold wintry days.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Mothers Who Love To Entertain

Perfume in various brands. Photo by Valeria Boltneva.

7. Perfume

Perfume is a luxurious and personal gift that is both thoughtful and practical for mums who love to entertain. It complements and reflects her personal style while uplifting her mood, making it especially perfect for mum if she enjoys hosting and socialising.

What you’ll want to do is to pick a fragrance that contains her favourite scents. You can do this by finding out what perfume she already has, followed by research or inquiry with a perfume consultant at your nearest department store for similar perfume brands. Or if mum is generally an adventurous person who loves trying out new scents, pick a scent that you enjoy so you’ll always be on her mind when she has it applied!

Simple pearl earrings. Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy.

8. Jewellery

Timeless and sentimental, yet functional, a new jewellery piece for mum serves as a beautiful accessory for her social events while carrying emotional significance. The right jewellery will allow stylish mums to accessorise for different occasions, elevate her attire, and also serve as a beautiful conversation starter to enhance her social interactions!

Some simple pieces include a necklace, earrings, or bracelet. If you’re feeling especially generous with your budget, you could even get her a new shiny timepiece if mum loves to dress up smartly.

Wine gift for mum. Photo by Kenneth.

9. Wine

Much like chocolates, wine is a classic and practical gift for mothers who love to entertain. Mum can share it with her guests, and if she’s a wine enthusiast, she’ll appreciate the opportunity to explore new wine variations over a fun discussion about it with her wine appreciating friends and family. All you have to do is check in with your local wine sommelier for recommended picks according to your budget and secure that bottle!

Cosmic Cookware's stunning ceramic non-stick cookware set in Green Bean.

10. Beautiful & Functional Cookware

What’s one essential when it comes to entertaining at home? Food! If mum loves to entertain and prides herself on her culinary skills, then beautiful and functional cookware are simply fantastic Mother’s day gifts for her.

Think of functional cookware that looks aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colours. Some of these include colourful ceramic non-stick cookware like the beautiful sauté pans, saucepans, casseroles, wok, and frying pans from Cosmic Cookware, while a more luxurious (and heavier) option for mums who are veteran cooks is a classic cast iron French oven.

Dinnerware set up. Photo by Tim Douglas.

11. Dinnerware

Elegant dinnerware not only enhances the presentation of meals served in mum’s social gatherings at home, but they also serve as wonderful conversation starters when they are beautifully designed. 

Beautiful, high-quality dinnerware allows mum to set a stunning table that complements the meals she had painstakingly cooked up, while also being durable enough to withstand regular use for avid entertainers. Some dinnerware materials that are perfect for dinner gatherings include bone china, stoneware, and porcelain.

Wine glasses. Photo by Nate Johnston.

12. Glassware

You can never have too much glassware when you frequently entertain at home! Quality glassware is essential for any hostess, even more so for mum as she’s definitely the hostess with the mostest.

If you intend to get glassware, do make sure to find out what types of glassware mum already has before you start shopping for a new set! You wouldn’t want to get red wine glasses if she already has them but is currently lacking champagne flutes. It’s the thought and purpose that counts here. ;)

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Mum To Enjoy A Carefree Day 

Cooking curry in the Cosmo Pan, a ceramic non-stick sauté pan.

13. Spoil Her With A Home-Cooked Meal

Sometimes the best Mother's day gift doesn’t involve expensive shopping or gift-hunting, but simply extra effort and time. If you guessed home-cooking, then you guessed right! A home-cooked meal for Mother's day is deeply thoughtful because it involves personal effort and consideration for mum’s tastes, while also allowing mum to relax and enjoy being pampered without having to cook or clean up.

It’s one of the most heartfelt and comforting ways to show that you appreciate mum, whether you’re a gifted cook or not because it's the quality time spent and effort that counts.

You could try cooking up a comforting coconut beef curry if mum loves her spice, a scrumptious cheesy vegan cauliflower steak if mum has been focusing on plant-based foods, or a more luxurious coconut miso salmon for an umami packed but nutritious meal. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, you can even whip up a healthy berry crumble for dessert!

Carry On Luggage by Thousand Miles Voyage Collection.

14. New Travel Bag

Travel bags are something we typically change every few decades, even more so if we don’t travel frequently. So how about surprising mum with a new travel bag, be it a backpack or a new luggage, that she can enjoy on her next holiday abroad or on a quick getaway?

It’s a functional gift that represents thoughtfulness because it shows that you’ve anticipated her travel needs while also making her packing tasks that much easier.

Short Getaway by the beach. Photo by Oliver Sjöström.

15. Bring Mum For A Short Getaway

Instead of bringing her out for a fancy meal, why not make it extra special by bringing mum for a short international or local getaway? This Mother’s day gift is one of the most incredibly thoughtful personalised gifts as it offers mum an escape from the stressors and routine of daily life, while granting her a chance to unwind.

Bonus points if you’ve planned out a full itinerary for her to revisit her favourite destination or explore a new place so she can truly enjoy a full carefree holiday.

16. Gift Card For Her Favourite Brand

Don’t shun the gift card because it looks simple. What matters is the value within the gift card and where it can be used. Getting mum a gift card for her favourite brand or brands is not just a ticket to a shopping spree, but the beautiful gift of flexibility and choice that allows mum to pick exactly what she wants or needs.

A gift card for her favourite brand respects her tastes and gives her the freedom to shop things she may not usually purchase on her own, allowing her guilt-free indulgence for a truly carefree experience.

Mom gardening indoors. Photo by cottonbro studio.

17. Potted Plants And Gardening Tools

Gardening is not only a relaxing hobby, but a fulfilling one that benefits you mentally and physically. Mums who enjoy gardening will love a new set of gardening tools and a beautiful little new potted plant to focus on doing what she does best - nurturing. 

It encourages her hobbies to make her feel heard and seen, while giving her the opportunity to indulge in her favourite pastime. The new potted plant will beautify her space while the new gardening tools will make her gardening sessions more enjoyable and efficient to boot making it the best gift for mums with a green thumb!

The Ultimate Gift Of Practicality To Enhance Mum’s Day-To-Day Activities

Ladies with a French press coffee maker. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto.

18. Coffee Maker

Even though we have one of the world’s best coffee cultures, there’s nothing that says “I love you and I want you to enjoy convenience” than gifting mum a coffee maker if she regularly drinks coffee. That's because mum deserves to enjoy a fresh brew in the comforts of home in the flavour and strength of her choice every morning just before she starts her day.

Some of the best coffee makers out there include the V60 pour over dripper, a classic French press, and if you’re feeling especially generous, a capsule coffee maker complete with the milk frothing device and coffee capsules like the Nespresso set.

Key Finder from Apple. Photo by Hideya HAMANO.

19. Key Finder

When life gets hectic or when age catches up, we tend to misplace or lose our keys and small belongings. Which is why a handy key finger like the Galaxy SmartTag or the Apple AirTag are perfect gifts that will serve as a functional keychain for mum’s essential small items like her car keys, house keys, purse, and more.

Key finders reduce stress and saves mum heaps of time from hunting high and low for the missing item, even more so when she’s in a rush. Just make sure you’re getting the right system that pairs well with her phone before committing to a specific key finder, like how Apple key finders work best when paired with Apple devices, and vice versa.

Scrapbook for mom. Photo by Kristyna

20. Handmade Scrapbook With Photographs Of Beautiful Shared Memories

A handmade scrapbook is both a beautiful keepsake and one of the deepest heartfelt gifts that celebrate mum’s cherished memories. It’s also practical with how it keeps these precious memories organised for mum to reminisce together with the family or on her own for a soulful moment.

What you can do is to compile and make copies of mum’s favourite photographs of fond moments and events, prep some paper or a ready-made scrapbook, and get your creative juices running with the arrangement and a personalised message in each page! This is definitely one of the most perfect Mother's day presents that sends a special message to the sentimental mum showing that you truly thought of her.

Stand mixer for mum. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk.

21. Stand Mixer

If mum loves to bake and you find her regularly batch baking a sweet or savoury treat for the family to enjoy whenever, why not get her a new stand mixer to replace her old one? Even better if she’s never had a stand mixer and has been mixing her ingredients by hand!

A stand mixer is an excellent tool that will make the baking process that much easier for mum by helping her mix, beat, and whip up dough or batter in seconds to minutes. It’s definitely a gift that mum will appreciate which will also inspire her to try new recipes and techniques.

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