Top 15 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Apartment Owners

Top 15 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Apartment Owners

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For New Apartment Owners To Help Them Create Their Little Sanctuary In The City

Moving into a new home in a highly populated city like Sydney or Melbourne almost always means moving into an apartment. It’s really no surprise as renting or purchasing an apartment unit in the city centre is certainly much cheaper than a house while allowing you to enjoy the conveniences of city living.

Since apartments are typically smaller in size, it’s more crucial than ever for new apartment owners to be intentional with their purchases for the big move. That also extends to friends and family who’d love to get them a gift to celebrate their new move.

Finding a great housewarming gift in this case isn’t simply about the gesture. Because when space is limited, the best gift you could get is one that helps them craft a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their new home while also serving them well in their daily life.

Does that sound like a proper challenge? No matter. We’ve curated a selection of the top first apartment gifts that will celebrate your loved one’s new move and milestone, while making their everyday life easier and that much lovelier.

Top 15 Housewarming Gift Ideas That Elevate Apartment Living For New Apartment Owners

Functional, Personalised Apartment Gifts

Customised welcome mat, an apartment gift that will undoubtedly come in handy. Photo by Juliana Romão.

1. Customised Welcome Mat

A customised welcome mat is such an underrated, practical gift that adds a welcoming touch to the home. You can customise it with their name, a welcoming message, or a design that suits their style. I’ve even seen a customised welcome mat at a friend’s that featured their two beloved cats!

It takes up little space with no chance for clutter because it can be fitted at the entrance, and you can even tailor it to different home styles. Not to mention, it keeps their apartment cleaner while adding a welcoming touch because the new apartment owners can clean their shoes before they enter their new home. Can you think of a more functional gift that you can also personalise?

One of the most functional housewarming gift ideas, a personalised wooden cutting board. Photo by Fabian Centeno.

2. Personalised Wooden Cutting Board

Looking for something versatile that also serves as an essential piece every home needs? Get a wooden cutting board! If you’re wondering “what on earth”, hear me out.

A wooden cutting board is essential for food preparation while having a degree of earthy beauty to serve as a decorative piece. But wait, that’s not it! Did you know that you can also use it as a charcuterie platter or a cheese board?

It fits perfectly on the kitchen counter (depending on the size you get, of course), or it can be hung on the wall like a customised piece of home decor if you get those with a personalised, intricate carving on its surface. You can even go a step further and personalise it with the new lucky homeowner’s name to truly make it theirs!

Low-maintenance and simply aesthetically pleasing, a money tree is the perfect small apartment gift. Photo by Xinyi Zhang.

3. Money Tree

What’s a home without a beautiful touch of nature? A Money Tree is always a beautiful addition to the home because it adds greenery to complement the new furniture, naturally purifies the air, and is also said to be a symbol of good fortune in Asian culture.

Contrary to its name, the Money Tree isn’t a tree per se, but a little potted plant that apartment owners can keep by their windowsill or balcony. They also come in various sizes so you can get one in a size that perfectly fits your loved one’s new apartment.

Money Trees are budget-friendly, low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and they are known to bring positive energy to homes. So getting this thoughtful housewarming gift for their new apartment also conveys your intention to bring positive energy and good fortune. That’s tackling two intentions at a go!

Apartment Gifts That Add A Little Luxury To The Home

Hand soap set. Photo by Panos Katsigiannis.

4. Luxurious Scented Hand Soap Set

Every home needs hand soaps, so why not take it up a notch and get a beautiful gift set of scented hand soaps for their new apartment? A bottle or bar of scented hand soap will not occupy much space while serving as a practical addition to bathrooms and kitchens.

Its pleasant scent also provides a nice touch of luxury whenever the new apartment owners or their guests wash their hands. Talk about creating wonderful impressions for both the new homeowners and their guests. Just make sure to choose a scent you know they’ll love!

Lovely scented candles for their first apartment. Photo by Johanne Pold Jacobsen.

5. Scented Candles

You can never go wrong with scented candles (unless the new apartment owners have communicated a clear dislike for it!). These are luxurious little pieces for the home that create a warm ambiance and relaxing atmosphere through its soft glow and relaxing scent.

Scented candles are typically small in size and they come in hundreds of various scents. You’ll definitely find a scent that you know they’ll love and enjoy in the room while unwinding after a long day. 

I’d recommend getting them a scented candle made out of either soy wax, beeswax, or coconut wax. These types of candles burn the cleanest because they aren’t crafted with harmful chemicals, making them the most delightful non-toxic choice.

Set of cotton towels hanging on towel hooks. Photo by Karolina Grabowska.

6. Egyptian Cotton Hand Towels

Unless they have hand-dryers installed in their home, everyone needs hand towels. The best kinds are cotton hand towels, but let’s go a step further here and check out Egyptian cotton hand towels.

Why this particular type of cotton? Well Egyptian cotton hand towels feature long fibres that make them highly absorbent. Which is what you ultimately want in a hand towel because they’re used to dry your hands after all!

They come in many beautiful colours and styles that complement the new apartment’s home and bathroom decor, so the idea here is to get a set of Egyptian cotton hand towels. That way, they can have one by their kitchen sink and another in the bathroom for guests or the en-suite master bedroom for the homeowners themselves to utilise.

Gift Ideas That Gather Everyone Around

A French press coffee maker, one of the top housewarming gift ideas.. Photo by Taryn Elliott.

7. Coffee Maker

If they’re living in the city, chances are that they would need their daily cuppa to get them through the day. So why not get them the perfect gift of convenience for coffee lovers that will also save them money?

You could get them a classic French press as a more budget-friendly option that is dishwasher safe, a moka pot for those who simply love a great home-brewed coffee to wake them up, or a Nespresso machine if you have a larger budget.

Regardless of your choice, a coffee maker is typically compact in size and it won’t take up much space on their countertops. So check in on what their favourite type of coffee brewing method or style is to confirm a coffee maker that would best fit their lifestyle.

Cosmic Cookware silicone cooking utensils in cream.

8. Set Of Silicone Cooking Utensils

Every home with a kitchen definitely needs a set of cooking utensils. The best ones that you could get are silicone cooking utensils because they are practical, durable, and typically offer a non-toxic cooking experience. I almost forgot to mention - silicone cooking utensils are generally heat-safe, non-porous, and blunt so you can safely cook with it on any type of cookware!

I’d recommend getting a set of the usual suspects because it takes away the hassle of them going out to get a specific piece whenever the cooking or baking need arises. These would include a ladle, spatula, fish spatula, stirring spoon, whisk, and tongs in multiple colorways.

Non-toxic ceramic non-stick cookware set, a truly great apartment gift.

9. Non-Toxic Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

When you have a new kitchen, you naturally need cookware. And not just any cookware. The best kinds for apartments are non-stick cookware because of their incredible versatility to cook almost every recipe, so they don’t need to clutter their home with several pieces of cookware.

That’s not even the best part! The lucky recipients can also cook their favourite dishes with little to no oil like a comforting vegan nasi goreng without having to experience the hassle of stubborn stains and stuck food during clean up. Which means healthier cooking and more time saved for things that ignite their soul!

Fun fact: Did you know that it’s recommended to cook with regular olive oil when frying because of its higher smoke point instead of extra virgin olive oil? Frying with extra virgin olive oil is a bad idea because it almost means you’ll be consuming burnt oil because of its lower smoke point!

Check out Cosmic Cookware’s Swiss-certified, non-toxic ceramic non-stick cookware, now available in various beautiful colours for you to curate a beautiful set that complements their new place.

Crystal glassware, one of the best housewarming gifts to entertain guests in style. Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava.

10. Wine Glasses

If the new apartment owners are avid entertainers, then you most certainly cannot go wrong with wine glasses. Wine glasses are essential for entertaining and enjoying wine at home.

You can opt for an all-purpose wine glass if the recipients are not particular about pairing wines with specific wine glasses, or get them fun, personalised wine glasses to match their personality.

But if they typically enjoy wine pairing and you have the budget, an excellent gift would be an elegant set of red or white wine glasses made from crystal. This will enhance their wine-drinking experience while allowing them to impress their guests whenever they’re hosting a casual evening or intimate soirée!

Bonus Tip: Just make sure to let them know that they ought to dry their crystal wine glasses immediately after washing to avoid the dreaded water rings!

White wine and red wine bottles for gifting. Photo by Cup of Couple.

11. Wine

Wine is the quintessential housewarming gift of shared celebrations and quiet evenings, all in an elegant bottle. A high quality bottle of red wine, white wine, or even sparkling wine has the ability to turn special occasions and ordinary moments to wonderful memories.

What you can do is to select a bottle of wine that resonates with their preferences which they can either store until their next celebratory occasion, or even enjoy it together with you and their guests during the housewarming party for a truly exciting time.

All in all, the simple yet timeless act of gifting wine isn’t only about the drink. It holds thoughtful meanings of celebration, indulgence, and the promise of shared moments, making it a truly thoughtful housewarming gift for their new home.

An Apartment Gift That Brings Leisure

Coffee table book. Photo by MARK ADRIANE.

12. A Coffee Table Book

More than just a decorative piece, the right coffee table book serves as a delightful addition to their new space that invites moments of exploration, conversation, and inspiration. It enhances their living space while allowing them much needed moments of leisurely escape into its pages.

A coffee table book is typically compact in size without overwhelming the space. There are several types available to choose from, be it fashion, design, food, travel, with some even on science and wildlife discoveries. It’s truly one of the most beautiful, multi-functional home decor you could give to the lucky recipients that marries knowledge, design, and entertainment.

Some of the best streaming service providers include Netflix, HBO Max, or Prime Video (best purchased during Amazon Prime Day for the best deal). Photo by Taryn Elliott.

13. Subscription To Streaming Services

The gift of subscription to streaming services is truly a budget-friendly modern day treasure-trove. It delivers boundless entertainment on demand, simply with one swift click or tap of a button. And it is all tailored to their tastes in entertainment (unless they absolutely abstain from watching TV series and movies. Yes, it is a possibility!) or mood of the day.

This particular gift requires no extra physical space as they can enjoy it through their existing smart TV, smart phones, tablets, or laptops.

But what truly makes this one of the best housewarming gifts is the fact that it’s a gift that simply keeps giving. Think endless arrays of viewing choices that are personalised to fit their interests, takes up little to no space in their home, and ensures that they’ll always be kept in the loop of the latest in on-demand entertainment.

Meal prep subscription gift idea for them to enjoy meal prepping in their new house. Photo by Ella Olsson.

14. Meal Prep Subscription

Moving into a new home comes with its share of challenges. Most of which often leave the new apartment owners with little time to enjoy healthy, home cooked meals in the comfort of their home.

A meal prep subscription seamlessly blends convenience with health-driven choices of ingredients to help them cultivate healthier eating habits, while leaving them with more time and energy to get familiar with their first apartment.

Depending on the provider you opt for, a meal prep subscription can be one of the most versatile gifts that accommodates various dietary needs and presents a diverse array of delicious meal options for different tastes.

Ultimately, even though it looks like a simple gift of convenience, it delivers beyond just that. It’s one of the best gift ideas that is practical, space-saving, and truly thoughtful approach that demonstrates your consideration for their well-being.

Essential oil for aromatherapy. Photo by S O C I A L . C U T.

15. Set Of Essential Oils

Gifting the new homeowner a set of essential oils isn’t as simple as gifting a collection of scents. It’s actually a gift that delivers a gateway to tranquillity and greater well-being within their new apartment.

These little bottles contain fragrances that bring relaxation and stress relief that is simply perfect for city dwellers. But what makes this gift truly special is its potential for personalisation. You can curate a selection of their preferred scents or a selection based on specific therapeutic benefits you’d like for them to experience.

Essential oils are able to easily find its space in their new apartment without occupying much space, while greatly enhancing their relaxation sessions and well-being especially when used with an aromatherapy diffuser or when mixed with their favourite unscented lotions. It’s truly a gift that showcases deep consideration and intention, making it something they will truly enjoy with their loved one.

Fun Fact: Did you know that some essential oils are edible like lavender, grapefruit, and clove essential oils? Talk about a gift that will pamper almost all their senses!

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