Risotto Marinara with the Cosmo Casserole

30-Minute Quick & Comforting One-Pot Risotto Marinara

You’re In For A Delicious Weeknight Wonder In No Time With This Comforting 30 Minute One-Pot Risotto Marinara Recipe

More often than not, there will be some days where you simply crave a comforting Italian dish that isn’t the renowned pasta or pizza. Not at all.

Sometimes nothing sounds heartier and more comforting than a hot bowl of creamy and scrumptious risotto. And this seafood risotto marinara recipe certainly ticks all the boxes we’d look forward to when it comes to comfort food.

Delicious seafood risotto made with tomatoes, just like how the Italians do.

But Wait, Did You Know That Authentic Seafood Risotto Marinara is Typically Made With Tomatoes, And Not Cream?

While most Italian restaurants in the city that we know and love commonly serve risotto with cream, true authentic Italian risotto is commonly served with a tomato sauce base. That’s traditionally how they do it in Italy!

This recipe draws homage to the traditional Italian risotto while also delivering it in a manner that does not involve simmering for long hours unlike actual traditional recipes.

Because when you’ve had a long day at work or running errands out and about, the last thing you want is to slave over the stove creating an elaborate dish that may or may not turn out to your expectations.

What is Italian Risotto Made Of?

Short-Grain Rice

The beloved authentic Italian risotto is made with rice as the main ingredient. The choice of rice could either be Carnaroli, Vialone Nano, or Arborio rice, with Arborio rice being the most common one used to cook risotto because of how accessible it is all over the world. 

These are short-grain rice with high starch content, which is also how risotto gets its creamy consistency without the addition of cream or extra starch like potato starch.

Using these types of short-grain rice is essential when it comes to cooking risotto because other types of rice will easily break down or break apart when it absorbs too much liquid, resulting in a mushy mess. Whereas these types of short-grain rice can absorb liquid without turning mushy - instead you can even have it al dente, which is the ideal texture for risotto.

Stock, a.k.a. Bone Broth

Coming in just second to rice, stock or bone broth is also an integral part in cooking risotto. The popular options are chicken stock, vegetable stock, and seafood stock because they impart a light, savoury sweetness that is also versatile, so you can easily take your risotto’s flavours up a notch by adding a variety of ingredients from seafood to truffle oil.

When you cook risotto, you'll find yourself stirring constantly over a gentle simmer as you add in more hot stock. This allows all the liquid to be absorbed in the rice for a deliciously flavoursome result.

Dry White Wine

Not just any white wine will do! You’ll want dry white wine when you're making risotto, just like how the local Italians do as it adds a layer of welcomed complexity and depth to your risotto’s flavour.

Dry white wine imparts a subtle acidity with subtle floral or fruity undertones, which can balance your dish’s overall flavour especially when you’re adding other ingredients like seafood. Apart from that, it also enhances the flavours of the other ingredients. What’s not to love?


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